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I write clean, literary fiction for women that includes elements of humor, romance, real-life drama and cozy mystery. I'm currently working on the first book in the new Silver Sleuth series called 'Alice in Atlantic City.'


My happy places are being immersed in writing a new story which can involve staring at the ceiling for long periods of time,  stomping around on fresh snow,

and dawdling along the beach in bare feet.

Chocolate is always close by!




of my latest release

'Just Kidding'

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Just Kidding

                              FIRST PLACE WINNER Book Excellence Awards 2017

                              SILVER MEDAL WINNER Global Ebook Awards 2017

"Just Kidding' stars Ruby Smith in her own prequel novella to the multi-award winning Sorrento Series.


Before Alice, Lily and Charlotte came to Sorrento Retirement Facility, Ruby, Melanie and Bridget sparred in a clash of wills.

Ruby Smith is a handful. She admits it. At age 72, she doesn’t have time for anyone or anything that bores her.


Follow her wild ride as her behavior crosses a line and the facility manager prepares to ship her out of Sorrento Retirement Facility. Ruby won’t let anyone stand in her way, but sometimes, when you get what you want, there are consequences.


When Mission: Phase One is completed, Ruby strikes a deal with the head nurse, but can she live up to the conditions of the agreement?


Just Looking


This short story is part one of the novel 'Just Wondering.' It is available 

FREE from AMAZON. Just Looking was a top 5 finalist in the Kindle Best Indie Book Awards 2013 in short fiction and a short listed finalist in the Chanticleer Summer Shorts  and Novellas contest 2015.


The story begins as Alice spends her last night in her own home, followed by her arrival at Sorrento Retirement Facility where she refuses to get out of the car. She considers such places a prison for old people and she hasn't committed a crime. Alice eventually agrees to go inside, but she is 'just looking' and has no intention of staying.


While her daughter, Karen, is completing the paperwork, Alice makes an escape attempt, and she also meets some interesting characters. At the end of the day it may be something small that will influence her decision whether to stay.


If you would like to read this FREE short story to decide if you are interested in the novel, click the button and it will take you to Amazon.


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